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Why All The Fuss About Pepper Sprays….?

Please watch the video below…  How do you protect yourself if you don’t want to carry a gun.  The simplest thing I can suggest would be a pepper spray.  I mean if you can give yourself and your loved ones Peace or Mind for $9.50 why not…?  Believe me if you are caught in a situation where you wish you had a pepper spray you would pay a whole lot more than $9.50 for one.  Don’t be caught without one…  Please.

And if you don’t want to carry a pepper spray how about a stun gun…?  For as little as $24.95 give yourself what you deserve, protection.  A lot of these stun guns now come in great colors.  I would hope you would NEVER have to use one but if you did you will be glad you made this small investment.  Thanks for listening.  🙂

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